Havana Calling

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30 2010 Bamboo bar Live in Havana Cathedral Plaza.

- HAVANA CALLING Orlando Valle Maraca.

Havana Calling

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Orlando Valle Maraca - , , , . , - . - Cubadisco Award (1999, 2001, 2003,2006) ERGEM Award , Grammy Best SalsaAlbum (2003). Descarga total Tremenda rumba - . 1999 Maraca Acuarela .

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Havana Calling

Omara Portuondo (www.omaraportuondo.com), , Buena Vista Social Club (www.buenavistasocialclub.com). Omara . , . Dos Gardenias , Orlando PanchoAmat (www.panchoamat.com) Rene Toledo (www.myspace.com/renetoledo).

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Havana Calling

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It is a fascinating story... Once upon a time, a producer of the company Gourmet-film, Vladimir Logvinchenko approached Leonid Agutin to create a documentary about Cuba. Gourmet-Film is known in the world of motion pictures as a producer of several well known movies among them An Inhabited Island. Leonid became interested in developing of this idea and called for a meeting with his creative team members Vladimir Logvinchenko, Maxim Osadchiy and Alex Sino.

Shortly after the first brain storming session in Moscow and than in Miami, the concept of thedocumentary was discussed and creative team of the project was combined. Despite the fact thatall members of the team know each other for almost 15 years, Havana Calling will be the firstjoint project for some team members. Leonid also has invited for a first time Cuban flutist-virtuosoOrlando Maraca Valle to collaborate with him on the project.

Here are the creators of the project Havana Calling

Leonid Lenny Agutin (Russia) is the Musical director and Producer of the documentary and theconcert Havana Calling in Havana, Cuba. He is a composer, musician, a singer and the poet whowrote over 300 songs. Agutin is internationally renowned artist. His project Cosmopolitan Life withAl Di Meola was on the Top 10 Jazz charts in Germany, USA, Poland, Hungary, Belgium andothers. He was awarded in 2009 by the President of Russian Federation as the Honored Artist ofRussia.

Maxim Max Osadchiy (Russia) is the Director and Director of Cinematography of the projectHavana Calling. He is the recipient of 2009 Golden Eagle award as the best Director ofCinematography. Max has produced dozens of musical video including critically acclaimed video forCosmopolitan Life. In 2008 was the Director of Cinematography for the movie An InhabitedIsland.

Vladimir Logvinchenko (Russian) is the Producer of the project Havana Calling. Vladimir is theprincipal of Gourmet Films and was acting as the producer of several major motion picturesincluding An Inhabited Island.

Alex Sino (USA) is the Producer and a script writer of the project Havana Calling in Havana, Cuba.He was Lyricist and Executive Producer of the project Cosmopolitan Life with Al Di Meola, VocalRendezvous: Di Meola and Friends, Producer of Manhattan Cool Jazz Cruises and a director ofMonterey Latin Jazz All Stars and Orlando Maraca Valle projects.

Orlando Maraca Valle (Cuba and France) is the Arranger and a co-star of the project HavanaCalling. He was named by the Billboard as the best Jazz flutist in the world. Maraca is theyoungest Cuban musician nominated for the Grammy Award. He was a recipient of Cubadisco andother prestigious Cuban musical awards and the winner of many International Jazz festivals.

Mentioning the international team working on the project, we need to say that there were over 70musicians, camera, technicians, administrators and crew speaking 4 languages (Russian, Spanish,French and English) and led by the Executive Producer Roman Kokorev, Musical Director AlbertFedoseev, Sound Engineer Igor Laletin, Assistant Director Vladimir Zheleznyakov and Director ofPhotography Sergey Maximov.

In our documentary Havana Calling we are trying to picture how a Russian musician and truly aCosmopolitan man sees contemporary Cuba. His vision and the vision of main characters of thisdocumentary stays way above any politics. Music is the universal language we say in the movie.Music brings people together - it was our motto and mission statement. Some of our heroes arefamous, some are not so. Some of our heroes are really happy with their lives and some of them arenot so. But all of our heroes are extremely talented people. As soon as they do what they love to:either playing music or singing or dancing you may see how happy they are and the true happinessin their eyes. During the shooting period we have learned more what the friendship is and each ofus got many new friends.

We are trying to understand in the documentary why Russian people are smiling and dancing whenthey hear Cuban samba? Why do some old Russian songs remind Cuban traditional son? Whydoes Russian song Darkness Night about the World War II and composed by Bogoslovskiy in 1942touch so much Cuban hearts and has the same emotional effect on them? Why Cuban songs are soemotionally close to Russians, French and Americans? There are many... many... questions like that.

Grand finale of the documentary is the concert at Cathedral Square in Havana for several thousandpeople. It was really memorable moment in the live of many people witnessed this show on January22, 2010. Leonid Agutin and Orlando Maraca Valle have invited to participate in this concert:

  1. Omara Potuondo - the legend and the only female soloist of the Buena Vista Social Club. Omarais performing on stage for 65 years and the pride of Cuba;
  2. Pancho Amat - the best Cuban guitar Tres player in the world;
  3. Rene Toledo - famous Cuban guitarist who performed with Gloria Estefan and Celine Dion.

What else has been done in the documentary for a FIRST TIME?

  1. Havana Calling is the first Russian musical documentary about Cuba;
  2. Havana Calling is the first documentary where a Russian star is featuring famous Cuban musicians;
  3. Havana Calling is the first documentary where the legendary Omara Portuondo from Buena Vista was singing in Spanish a Russian song with a Russian star Leonid Agutin and the Cuban AllStars;
  4. Havana Calling is the first international concert in Cathedral Square;
  5. Havana Calling is the first documentary featuring a new song written by a Russian Leonid Agutin and co-written by the legendary Cuban Producer and multi-Grammy award composer Rudy Perez who lives in the USA. Song was recorded in Miami at Criteria Studios with the great musical solos performed by the best trumpet player in the world a Cuban Arturo Sandoval who lives in the USA, a Cuban guitarist Rene Toledo who lives in Spain and a Cuban flutist-virtuoso Maraca Valle. Thats the first collaboration of this type and artistic level in years and years.

Our documentary will be shown on the one of the Russian TV channels and than distributedinternationally.

A production team is also working on the Live in Havana Cathedral Square DVD.